A variety of support groups are offered at The Peer Impact Center 

(IMR) Illness Management Recovery

This group focuses on various topics and ideas on ways to approach , manage, and cope with their illness. This group will also cover informationon co-occurring addictions.

(WHAM) Whole Health Action Management

This is agroup that combines the benefits of balancing mental and physical health.

(WRAP) Wellness Recovery Action

This is a plan that is designed to help promote and maintain control experiencing long periods of wellness.

Peer Support

These groups will go over a number of items based on developing a support system of peers that you can count on when you need support.

CPG) Coping, Problem Solving, and Goal Setting

These groups focus on how the peers cope with everyday life and share their experiences . Peers discuss and share what has and has not helped. Peers set personal goals for themselvesand discuss how they hope to accomplish their goals.